Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Austin,

You are 2.
I had a friend who's little boy just turned 8 and she told me she never planned on having an 8 year old those many years ago, she just wanted a baby at the time and never did realize he would eventually not be a baby anymore. 
That is exactly how I feel.
You are growing up and I am sad to be gone with those baby years but I am so excited to watch you grow as a toddler.
The past year was a lot easier than your first year.
It's amazing how much you've accomplished and I am so happy I got to witness every milestone you hit.
Your personality has blossomed.
You are so forgiving.
Always want to have a good time.
Easy to love.
And a joy to others.
The night before your baby blessing your Dad and I discussed what we would wish you'd grow up to be as a person. I only had one strong impression, and that was that you'd be blessed to grow up to be kind to others and a joy for those who needed it most. 
This past year I saw numerous moments where you brought a smile to Heavenly Father's children.
Most of those smiles came from your Dad and I.
I am grateful that you came to our family.
I believe that you came to earth to teach us and that you knew along that you'd be sent to us and have to endure the many mistakes your Dad and I make as we learn how to parent.
(I personally think that is why you are so forgiving)
Be patient.
One day we might have it down,
and for that,
 I am so grateful I still have many, many more years
to figure it out with you!
Happy Birthday Austin.
You truly are a joy to others.


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Jodi said...

i love this. forgiving is a great word to describe most babies, isn't it? they have to endure a lot with us. :) austin is so lucky to have you and he just seems like the most fun and bright kid. happy birthday austin!