Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Did awesome over Christmas break! For not sleeping in his own bed and not in his normal routine he was so good! He could have ate better but why try when you have unlimited access to grandma's cookies?
2. Now starts counting with two and quickly adds three.... Not sure where one went but we are working on it
3. Is speaking more and more, over the break his vocabulary just sky rocketed
4. Says hi and then growls at you... We can thank my sister for teaching him that
5. Starting to string his thoughts into words
Ex: dark=night night=snores
Taking clothes off=bath=hot=bubbles
Every item in our house is either dad's or mom's
5. Loved being able to go outside everyday in St. George
- my parent's neighbor has a huge golden retriever named Thor who we had to go visit all the time but Austin would never pet
- loved jumping on the tramp
- and the bounce house
-fed the ducks and he was having a grand time but only liked the ducks from a distance... Those ducks can be too friendly 
6. Made friends with his cousin Cyrus and they were really cute together
7. Always looking for the kitty at my parent's house- Paws did not like Austin 
8. Went sledding and liked the first 3 times down and then he was done. He wanted dad to always carry him back up the hill.

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