Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We do time out about 3x a day if not more. He pushes his friends all the time and I am getting so frustrated! He can now answer the question, "do you know why you were sent to time out?" Which he will respond and say "push"
2. Has the most heart warming greeting ever. When we pick him up from the Y or nursery he always comes running with the biggest grin and hug!
3. Doesn't care for sugar cookies
4. I did the cry it out method again for the middle of the night this week and it worked- or let's hope!
5. Getting better at holding my hand when we are walking to and from the car.
6. He loves wearing his hat! Good thing because it is so cold here! Summer can be 100 everyday and I think I might thaw out by September! Just in time to re-freeze!

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