Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. we are back to normal AUSTIN!!! Yeah! That was the longest weekend of my life! On top of Austin being sick, Gary also had back to back tests and felt like I was drowning.
2. he calls water- goyi (ya we have no idea where that came from) he now request big goyi and that means mama's cup with just a little bit of water to avoid disasters :)
3. He says:
Hey you!
There she/he is!
There it is!
4. wants to look at his big stink- gross
5. Austin knows the Dick store when he sees it. Well, we passed it the other day and we asked him what that store was.
"Big Dicks with balls"
Gary and I are still laughing about it.
 6. naps are on the decline- heaven help me

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