Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. He starts preschool this week and I have mixed emotions about it. I think this is a great opportunity for him to get out and to have something to do during the horrible winter ahead of us. He is an only child until February and he loves playing with other kids and lights up the minute that he makes a friend connection. I am just going to miss him like crazy!
2. He pretends he is a lion (and now dinosaur) all the time.
3. When Dad gets home from work they play "Take Down". Basically they just wrestle and Austin just repeats "take down" over and over. 
4. He visited the dentist this past week and it was a little better experience then last time. He let the hygienist brush his teeth but I still had to pin him down for the Dentist- and I got sucker punched by his foot into my belly(sorry baby).
5. We have made it three weeks in a row now that he has stayed in Sacrament Meeting the whole time! That has to be a record.
6. He has seen so many Ice Bucket Challenges that he now re-enacts Gary's video over and over. He does it in the bath but he also will dump his legos into his Easter basket(I never hid it) and act it out. I videoed him doing it and now he loves watching himself. Just by doing this we have taught him how to say his full name!
At the parade- none of the kids would look at us because they were so interested in their candy!
After the parade they had a Festival and he couldn't resist getting his picture taken on the backhoe
Train ride at the Zoo
Austin and his cute friend Lincoln at the Zoo

Our Lion/Dinosaur
  :Baby #2:
1. I had my 16 week appointment and the baby is still there...even after the sucker punch!
2. I am worried to say this but I think I am officially over morning sickness but wondering when my energy will come back.
3.  Gary and I talk about names often but really I don't love any. Hopefully, that will change once we find out what we are having.
4. I felt Austin moving at 17ish weeks so I am really excited for that soon.
5. I can still sleep on my belly.
Austin wanted to be apart of the "Cheese"
Gary made me take another one because he said I looked more pregnant in the last picture then I do recently.
16.2 weeks

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. Toddler bed is still going really well! Fingers crossed!
2. He loves the nursery rhyme Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and wants me to sing it to him while he acts it out.
3. We went to the Iowa State Fair this week and he was so into all the animals. His favorite part was probably seeing the baby chicks hatch.
4. He can ride his trike really well now and we can actually take him on a bike ride around the neighborhood.
5. This kid is obsessed with Chick-fil-A that I think it is becoming unhealthy, haha! Too bad his parents like it just as much but he constantly talking about it.

Hot Air Balloon Festival
showing us his dance moves

of course we had to ride the choo choo train
Adele Sweet Corn Festival

Iowa State Fair- winning horse in something
Prize winning pumpkin

Practicing our creative side
 :Baby #2:
1. 14 weeks and still sick and exhausted.
2. I am blacking out a lot and usually land against the wall.
3. Not showing yet but I did take a belly picture- however it is just my normal gut I always have... haha
4. We started making a list of what we need for this baby and going to different stores to check out options. I don't want to buy anything until January but Gary doesn't think we should wait that long.
5. I am still thinking it is a boy, Gary thinks girl. When we ask Austin he tells us he wants a brother(but really he has no idea what a brother or a sister is) or Chick-fil-A. 
and the gut shot- Gary couldn't understand why I wanted a belly picture and I now I don't know why either

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I am back...

and hopefully will stay consistent.

I am just going to state now that this blog is about Austin and my future children. I decided to just make this my journal about their lives that they can have in the future. So if that doesn't sound appealing for you to read then I am sorry.

1. We moved him into a toddler bed. Yes, I know people think I should have done it like a year ago but I had no problem with the crib and would still have him sleeping in the crib if it wasn't for the fact that we thought he might break it by kicking and jumping in it.
I am sad this stage is over.
His first night was last night at he did great- I am not counting on it staying that way but at least I don't have to fight nap time.
2. He calls milk "pink milk" because in Iowa the 2% lid is pink.
3. He is obsessed with Curious George and Gary and I are both ready for a new phase.
4. Summertime has been a dream and he has been a very good kid for us, even with all our traveling. However he thinks that he gets either Mom or Dad attention all the time so that will be a rude awaking tomorrow.
5. He is always asking "where did (momma, dadda, car, bike...etc) go?" and I started giving him a silly answer to see if he even realizes what he is asking but he will ask it over and over and over again.

Baby #2:
1. I had my first pre-natal checkup and ultrasound appointment this week and everything check out good.
2. My official due date is February 13, 2015. (it is Friday the 13th as well, sound familiar?)
3. I am trying my best to cut down my soda/caffeine drinking but drinking more water. I could work on the more water drinking for sure. I am sure I wouldn't care this round like I didn't care with Austin but stupid kidney stone haunts me.
4. Nauseous all the time but I am living off the wonderful drug of zofran so I can't complain much.
5. We are definitely excited for this bundle of joy to come. Gary is completely giddy and I am too sick and tired yet for those feelings but we are excited. Austin is clueless.