Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. He started Joy School and Pre-School and is absolutely loving them both! I am loving the free time and nice break.
2. Gary and I started introducing him to a new movie each week so we can watch something different then Curious George. Cars was a big hit, Toy Story was an even bigger hit, and we watched Monsters tonight and he seemed to enjoy that one also.
3. I need to start carrying around a "funny" journal because he is starting to say things that Gary and I both die laughing about and then I can't remember.
4. I taught him Gary and my name- first parent mistake- now he does it all the time.
5. He is stuck on the letter "W". I try and teach him about the letters a little bit every day and without fail we must talk/find the "W". He has learned that if you just hang upside down the "M" turns into a "W". We were at an appointement the other day and all of a sudden he did a head stand so the "M" on the chalk board was a "W".
First Day of PreSchool

First Day of Joy School- missing a few

5 Little monkey's jumping on the Bed

He has been begging for a hat like Dad's and Gary bought him one.
He was so excited!

:Baby #2:
1. I feel as if my abs are being shredded and I am in so much pain. You know when you do a 100 crunches and the next day you can't even sneeze without screaming in pain- ya that is me... never had that with Austin
2.  I finally look pregnant
3. We find out what we are having this Thursday- Gary and I are split.
4. I started feeling baby move a few days before 17 weeks. This baby doesn't move as much as Austin and its "awake" time is after dinner. 
5. Austin is slowly coming around to the idea that their is a baby in Mommy's tummy but really he is probably still confused.
6. 19 weeks along
taken last week
18.2 weeks


Erinn Meyer said...

Ab thing is normal (called round ligament pain)! I have had it with both. Don't make any sudden movements while lying down and like you said about sneezing ... Don't resist or tense up at all! Just sneeze your heart out! Lol.

Jodi said...

so cute. tucker loves curious george too. :)