Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. His love for garbage trucks is the cutest obession. Grandma Kaye fed that obsession and now we "dump" the "stinky garbage" all day.

2. He is copying the not so good phrases...
Mom: Austin I am going to kick your butt! (figuratively of course!)
Austin: I am going to kick your butt. (stops behind me and tries to kick me)
Mom: (instantly just laughed and decided Austin won the battle)

Mom:You are driving me up the wall!
Austin: Up the wall Mommy?
(again I laughed as he kept repeating it)

Dad: Knock it off Austin!
Austin: You knock it off!
(Austin won)
3. Can you tell he likes to push our buttons? He calls our bluff and loves to tease.
4. Grandpa and Grandma Allen came for 4 days and Austin was in heaven! He loved having 4 adults to entertain him! We got to ride on Dr. Z's "red truck", which he loved and talks about Dr. Z still to this day. We also went to the zoo and that is another one of his favorite things. It was a great few days and Austin is anxiously waiting for Grandpa and Grandma to come back again!

5. His favorite thing about General Conference was the songs. Every time a song came on he would immediately stop what he was doing and watch the choir- he loves church music. Whenever I turn on the radio he will tell me that he doesn't like "this song" and usually that ends with me turning the radio back off.

:Baby Boy #2:
1. It's A BOY!
 LBJ(womb name-stands for Little Buddy Junior) was not shy at all letting us know. So much so that Gary was pretty confident that he could have done that ultrasound.
2. He looked perfect and right on track.
3. LBJ does not move as much as Austin did.
4. Heartburn is in full force and my abs are not hurting anymore.
5. Cravings and appitite are back and it is dangerous. I want to eat everything but really can only eat a quarter of what I used too. (that was the same as Austin's pregnancy)
20.2 weeks

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