Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. We went to Center Grover Orchard twice this week and he was in total heaven! There was toy tractors, corn pit, tractor rides, huge slide, jumping pillow, and many other fun things!
2. He has been throwing up at least once a week from a gag reflux. It is the weirdest thing... if he gets anything remotely stuck in his throat he will throw-up and then that leads to full blown vomiting. So I am always on guard now.

3. He complains about putting toothpaste on his tooth brush every night.
4. He is starting to get better at playing by himself and his imagination is growing. I love this and hope he just gets better and better because he will not have a choice when baby brother comes.
5. Lately everything is "Where is ....?" which leads to another "where is ....?" Example:
Mom: We are going to go play with Emma today.
Austin: Where is Emma?
Mom: At her house.
Austin: Where is Emma's house?
Mom: By our house.
Austin: Where is our house?
Mom: In Iowa.
Austin: Where is Iowa?

Yes, I know the next thing that follows is "WHY"

:Baby Boy #2:
1. We finally decided on an official "womb" name.
Little Buddy Junior
2. His movements are becoming less popcorn sensation to full on limbs moving around.
3. I almost passed out at a bounce house place this week and that was kinda frightening, thankfully I didn't and Austin let me sit for awhile- I am pretty sure it was a combination of low blood sugar and dehydration.
4.My sciatic nerve will cause issues if I stay standing in one position for too long.
5. People still don't believe I am pregnant and I have to keep reminding them that I hide it(Hello! Austin!) and I will pop out an 8.9 lb baby by the time this pregnancy is over... just you see.
22.2 weeks

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