Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You have taken to Lennox really well so far but we have yet had a day where it is just you, me, and Lennox alone.
2. The first thing you said when you met Lennox was "He is so cute, like me!"
Your dad and I still laugh about it.
3. You still think Mommy's milk comes out of your belly button, we are working on it....
4. You could not wait to ride on the "big airplane" to Grandma Kaye's house.
5. Since you've gone to Grandma's house I am realizing how empty my days are without you and how much I thrive off your constant energy to get me through the day.

1. I am starting to think that my specific prayers on what my child needed to be like were heard. Your dad and I cannot stop comparing how easy you seem to be compared to Austin's first few weeks of life. Heavenly Father must how known I needed someone like you to convince me to not stop at two kids.
2. You still sleep a ton but everyday you are awake a little bit longer than the next day.
3. You wake up twice in the night to eat and usually you are pretty easy on going back to bed, unless you are cold. 
4. You hate being cold! We have to make sure you are wrapped and cuddled a few minutes before we put you down or you will wake up instantly cause you are shivering. (I am really hate Iowa winters and that are house that can't compete with the cold)
5. You are still so calm and really never get mad- even when you are hungry or cold your cry is pathetic and I am surprise I even wake up to it- your dad doesn't.

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sarahspencer said...

I'm going to be laughing about number 2 and 3 for weeks!