Monday, March 9, 2015

Lennox's Birth Story 02.09.15

On Friday (Feb 6) I had a doctor's appointment and I was praying that I would walk out that appointment with an induction scheduled. I really didn't want to have a large baby again that would cause the amount of damage Austin did. However, they had already warned me that if I wasn't favorable then they wouldn't induce. I was a 3 and 60% effaced! I was favorable and the induction was planned for Monday if they had room and to expect a call Monday morning between 5:30am-6am.

I was so happy and I felt so blessed that I wouldn't have to go over 40 weeks again. We spent the weekend cleaning, grocery shopping, packing, finding babysitters, and fit in one last date night. Sunday night rolled around and the nerves started and I started questioning myself if this was the right thing. Gary gave me a blessing and after that I was ready for this baby to make an entrance.

Gary and I both slept awful and 5am we were both awake but trying desperately to fall back asleep. At 5:55am Gary didn't think we'd get called and I also thought so too and we'd be waiting another day. Gary hoped in the shower and at 6:02am the hospital called telling us to make our way down! We were so excited. I took a fast shower, collected the last few things, called our neighbor to come over, and ate a tiny bowl of cereal.

We checked in at 7am and I was getting nervous yet again. They took us to our room and I remember thinking I am not leaving this room today until I have my baby! We met our nurse Ann and student Lexi and I changed into the hospital gown. After all their medical questions and ordering what they needed for the induction it was close to 8am. I got my IV and they started the pitocin and within the hour I would start feeling contractions but they were weak. Ann would up the pitocin every once in awhile. Dr. Massey walked in around 10 and broke my water. This was the only part I felt like screaming! They had me put my hands in a fist under my bum and the doctor went into break my water and check how far I was (about a 4) well once she popped it she immediately felt a hand come through! For the next minute she was was trying with all her might trying to shove Lennox's hand back in so the head would come through the birth canal first. They basically had to flip me on my head too. I WAS DIEING!!!! The pain was so bad and the fluid draining all over my hands and back wasn't comforting either. Finally, Lennox put his hand back in and we were back in business.

However, soon after that his heart kept decelerating so they wanted to monitor that more closely and they also wanted to monitor how hard my contractions were since I wasn't in pain so they put the internal monitors in and that was really painful too.

 They called for the epidural per my request but I felt like a wimp because honestly the contractions weren't bad at all but I didn't want to push him out without one. The anesthesiologist came right away and had the epidural in and working in no time! I almost couldn't believe how effortless and fast it was, compared to Austin's I could have never dreamed of it going that smoothly.

It was getting close to noon and Gary went to go get something to eat and I was told to take one last nap before it got exciting. My nurse, Ann, was being sent home because it wasn't busy and I got a new nurse who I loved also(can't think of new name). However, my nap was cut short because they kept coming in and flipping me to different sides and at one point put me on my hands and knees with my bum up high in the sky. Lennox's little heart didn't like any position and they decided to just kick up the pitocin in hopes Lennox could make it until I got to a 10. Once I got to a 7 the doctor stayed in the room because Lennox's heart was decelerating worse and worse every contraction. They tried flipping me with a a huge peanut in-between my legs (looks like a huge exercise ball shapped into a peanut) and the bare bum up high in the sky again position too. Nothing was working and if anything made the problem worst, Lennox's favorite position was me laying on my back. However, every contraction I dilated and soon I was ready to push.

I pushed for 30 minutes and at one point even got to touch his head. Now my epidural was amazing! I could feel everything but no pain! (With Austin's I felt absolutely nothing.) They were relying on me when it was time to push because my contraction monitor fell off and I was boss, so cool!

Lennox was born at 2:05pm. It was planed that Gary would cut the cord but the doctor cut cord immediately and I was sad in side but Gary didn't seem too bothered. She placed him on me as the nurse wiped him down but no cry, just whimpers (like Austin). So I didn't get to hold him for long before they were rushing him over to work on getting him to cry. I was never concerned because he was acting just like Austin did. Later I would find out that Lennox had a neucal cord and that is why his heart would drop with every contraction and also why Gary didn't get to cut the cord. It was so tight around his neck that Gary said Lennox's face was completely purple.

While I was being taken care of, Lennox was getting the "you must cry" treatment and all he would do was moan. Thankfully, the nurse figured he was just fine (I always knew he was) and let us hold him finally. I also would nurse for the first time and it was successful! I was so scared I wouldn't be able to get it.

We enjoyed him for the next few hours in L&D before they moved us down to postpartum floor.

And that is the end- I will tell the story of his name in another post and Austin meeting baby brother.

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Nicole and Garrett said...

He is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your story--I love birth stories! It's so scary when they aren't getting oxygen. You did great!