Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Grandma Kaye brought you back from Utah and you are happy to be back with momma and daddy. You did have lots of fun though.
2. We had both sets of grandparents in town for Lennox's blessing and you were in heaven with all the attention!
3. Since day one when we introduced the possibility of Lennox for a name you have said "mennox", you can't say your L sounds.
4. You caught a stomach bug and it has been rough dealing with that and a new baby.
5. You have been extra whining but that could be because you are sick, hopefully not because of Lennox.

1. Baby acne is in full force. I really hate this because it seems to never go away! Lucky for you, you do not have it near as bad as you older brother did.
2. Still sleeping amazingly! A few nights you have only woken up once!
3. You were perfect for you blessing (separate post coming) and fit into the outfit like it was made just for you. It was so fun dressing you in the same blessing outfit as your older brother and having flashbacks.
4. I get mixed responses on who you look like. Most non-family says you look just like Austin. Benham family can't really pin point who and Allen family thinks you have more Benham in you.
5. You love to cluster feed right before bed. I feel as if you are attached to me from 7:30-10:30pm. 

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