Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We are starting round 3 of potty training...ugh
2. You think when it is KU day (when KU plays in bball) that we make heart cookies because that is what we did on Valentines Day when KU played.
3. All last week you dealt with 4 days of the stomach bug. Awful! And it was beautiful outside and we were stuck in.
4. Ever since you recovered from that awful bug I haven't been able to keep that belly full. You are constantly telling me, "I'm hungry...my tummy's hungry... I am so hungry". Unfortunately, most of snacks you want are not healthy so we have been having a battle with that.
5. Every single time I come into nursery to sing sings(that is my calling) you greet me like you haven't seen me in years. You come running with the biggest smile and wrap your arms around my legs. You also do that when I pick you up from school. You know how to make your Mommy feel loved.

1. You slept through the night!!!
2. Your baby acne is going down!
3. I can tell we are getting closer to having to sleep train you- you are getting harder and harder to put to sleep each night. I always told myself that I would at 2 months, I am already dreading it but I know it is best for all of us.
3. I am still amazed how good you are, I did not know life with a newborn could be so sweet.
4. Your older brother stepped on you like you were some sort of doll. He got in BIG trouble and you only cried a little.
5. You are 10 lbs already!

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