Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You learned about obeying in Nursery. Dad and I aren't too sure that you fully understand the concept, haha.
2. Dad and you are suffering with a nasty cough bug and we are all ready for it to be gone.
3. You got a net to catch bugs in but Dad told you about frogs so now all you want to do is go to the pond and catch a frog.
4. You always want to give Lennox kisses.
5. It was your turn to take the snack to pre-school and you were over the moon about it. For sharing time you brought (theme was spring) a rainbow, tractor, animals, and you added a map(junk piece of mail).
The chain is off the floor now!
1. We started sleep training you and I HATED it but knew it would be the best thing for all of us. It was rough but now you go to asleep in your crib just fine.
I will wait a little longer to sleep train you in the middle of the night but I am slowly getting more exhausted. What happened to my baby that sometimes only woke up once??
2. You must eat every 3 hours or sooner. This also applies to nights now. Hopefully a growth spurt.
3. You had your 2 months checkup and it went well. You are low on weight so now I am stressing but the doctor thinks it is just genetics. We had him look at your head and it is flat on onside but not too bad. We just need to help you look the other way more often (another stress). You were absolutely hysterical with the shots- it took you a lifetime to calm down and then you passed out for the remainder of the day.
4. Height 25in 96%
Weight 12.3lbs 25%
HC 16in 75%
5. This past month has been exhausting trying to juggle you and your brother but I want this to be remembered. You give the most rewarding smiles, I am so in love with your smile that I pull out my camera all the time to capture it. There is something special with your eyes that make that smile extra big and it takes everything inside me not to love you to death.

Keeping it real. Long night, finally asleep, and dirty diaper on the ground.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You woke up early one morning and the rest of the day we were all dragging. On those days it would be really nice for you to take a nap. It has now been one year since you stopped taking naps.
2. We are trying to do better with Lennox's tummy time and you always like to get down with him.

3. We learned about seeds in Joy School and you really got attached to the idea. We had to go plant the seeds in our yard and now we watch them grow. (they really aren't growing but the grass is so we count it)
4. You love playing outside and if Iowa would stop being so crazy then we would play outside everyday because it keeps you so entertained.

 5. One day you were talking non-stop about when we get to go to Grandma Kaye's house and you weren't understanding that we weren't going tomorrow and it was actually many days away. So I thought we should make a chain and you agreed and now you take one off everyday. You now know when the chains are all gone is when we go to Grandma Kaye's house.
1. You have been crying real tears since the beginning of the month and it breaks our hearts.
2. I think in the next few weeks you will be giggling.
3. Dad was gone on a camp-out with the Scouts so I had you cry it out for the first time and you only cried for 4 minutes, I was shocked!
4. We are awful at giving you tummy time and you don't even try when we do make you do it.
5. I had to breakout the infant mittens again to protect you from yourself. You gave yourself two scratches in one morning.

You fell asleep on the job

I hope you get eye lashes like your older brother and these look promising!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. On Sunday you were in a wild, crazy, ADD moods and Dad and I were practicing good patience and you spit out some funny lines.
Dad: Austin will you stop making loud noises (noise sounded like a fire truck siren), it is bugging us.
Austin: Oh, I am just trying to sing.
Dad: You are trying to sing? 
Mom: Austin, please get out of my face. (acting completely wild and kept getting up into my space over and over)
Austin: I am just trying to give you a kiss.
Mom: You were trying to give me a kiss?
Austin: ya (gives me a kiss on the cheek)
2. You are catching on to "teasing". For example: I took you to the grocery store and a girl was yelling for Austin (her brother) and you kept thinking she wanted you. I had some fun and told you that the girl wants you so I better take you to her. 
"NO NO NO, I want to stay with you MOMMY!" 
"Oh, you want to stay with me and not go with her? But she keeps calling your name"
"No, I want to go home with you, and be with you, daddy, and Lennox"
"Ok. I wont let her have you then" (big teasing grin)
"You are teasing me!" (big grin that he figured it out)
 3. I picked you up from Nursery and the first thing out of your mouth was, "Jesus DIED!"
I took you back into nursery and talked to your teacher so I could get the scoop on what the lesson was. The Resurrection. You were so proud you could tell me and you couldn't wait to tell Dad the story.
4. Your Hill cousins came to visit us and you were in heaven having so many people to give you attention and play with you. You kept calling them your sisters and brothers and still do. I feel no need in correcting you. You were so sad when they left and you want them to come back.
5. Other funny things you said.
Mom: You are talking my head off
Austin: I'm not talking your head off, your head is still on!
Mom: You are driving me up the wall
Austin: I am not up the wall, I am  down the wall
(This was a rough week if you can't tell, I am constantly learning patience)

1. Your poor face hit an all time low- the rash on your face was so bad. We were at Chick-fil-la and I caught a stranger talking to another stranger about it and I wanted to burst into tears. I was determined to find a cure and with some help from Andrea's friend and my Dad and his connections we finally confirmed what it was. Awful Eczema. We started you on a steroid and aquafor and I can now say we have it under control and your skin is going back to baby soft. 
2. You went 2 weeks with out pooping. I took you into see the doctor after one week and he didn't seem concerned at all and then finally on Sunday you had a massive poop. 
3. You are starting to giggle a little. It isn't flow blown giggling but you are showing positive signs and it is more then just smiling.
4. You are also starting to coo!
5. This week you acted more like a normal baby in the sleep department. You are waking up usually 2x a night and by 6am it is a constant "put the binky back in"  until Austin wakes up at 6:45am.

This was the day before it broke out really bad and this has been the normal since 1 month

This was the worst and the other side looked just like it- I was so sad and just devastated. It really itched too.

This was just after one day of treatments and caking your face with steroid and aquafor. We were relieved your face was responding well.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lennox 2 months

1 month

2 months

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I told you we were going to have a picnic with Brock and Jett and you responded, "a picnic, like George and Martha?" (Tehy are characters in a book who go on a picnic)
2. The Easter "Eggie" Community Hunt finally came and you were so giddy about it! You had a blast and were sad it only lasted a second so thankfully, the Easter Bunny did another hunt on Sunday!
3. Grandma Kaye sent you a book about the fun things you do around Easter and it talked about chocolate bunnies. We told you maybe you'd get a chocolate bunny in your basket but you out smarted us. You told us we could just go to the store and get a chocolate bunny.
4. We talk about making good and bad choices all day long. Unfortunately, it is because we need to remind you that what you did was a bad choice. We will say in our family prayers to ask that Heavenly Father helps you make good choices and you always pipe up, "Not bad choices".
5. On Sunday we went on a drive to Mt. Pisgah(a stopping place on the Mormon trail) and had a picnic there. Two dogs joined us (I am not a fan of stranger pets) and you were in heaven and wanted to play with them. Dad let you...against my wishes.

1. When I drop Austin off at Preschool I always want to run errands except you hate sleeping in your car seat! Or you always need to eat so one day I fed you in the parking lot at Kohls.
2. You shed your first tear. 
3. You love to cuddle.
4. We can tell that you are becoming more aware because if we start to put you down when you are fussy you start to whimper or if we are close by and we don't pick you up you get more upset.
5. You let your brother hold you but we can tell you are never that thrilled about it. haha