Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. A billion times a day you ask if it is time to "go find some Easter eggies".
2. We dyed and decorated "eggies" and you were so proud of them! You showed them to everyone.
3. Dad went camping and you were dead set on joining him. It was so sad as you started to pack you blankie, pillow, and Alphy. Dad told you that you couldn't come and you responded, "I think so".
4. You say "I think so" whenever we tell you no.
5. You think that we go to McDonald's after preschool every time and I need to break that habit! You just always ask so politely.
6. You tried to "feed" your babies, during which you kept telling me, "they aren't done eating yet", (I wonder where he has heard that) or "be quite, my babies are sleeping.

1. I could smile at you all day long. You return the greatest smiles and make us all crazy about you.
2. We set up your mini crib in the bathroom and so far it is working out. I hope we don't have to keep you in there for long because sharing a bathroom with all of us is tight.
3. Your cheeks are still awful- friends suggested aquaphor so I need to go buy some.
4. You grab my shirt in a death grip when I hold you.
5. Your older brother loves you and tells everyone he meets about you and that your name is "mennox"- and I sometimes catch myself calling you that. We are working on it with him...he just doesn't understand that he isn't even close.

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