Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. On Sunday you were in a wild, crazy, ADD moods and Dad and I were practicing good patience and you spit out some funny lines.
Dad: Austin will you stop making loud noises (noise sounded like a fire truck siren), it is bugging us.
Austin: Oh, I am just trying to sing.
Dad: You are trying to sing? 
Mom: Austin, please get out of my face. (acting completely wild and kept getting up into my space over and over)
Austin: I am just trying to give you a kiss.
Mom: You were trying to give me a kiss?
Austin: ya (gives me a kiss on the cheek)
2. You are catching on to "teasing". For example: I took you to the grocery store and a girl was yelling for Austin (her brother) and you kept thinking she wanted you. I had some fun and told you that the girl wants you so I better take you to her. 
"NO NO NO, I want to stay with you MOMMY!" 
"Oh, you want to stay with me and not go with her? But she keeps calling your name"
"No, I want to go home with you, and be with you, daddy, and Lennox"
"Ok. I wont let her have you then" (big teasing grin)
"You are teasing me!" (big grin that he figured it out)
 3. I picked you up from Nursery and the first thing out of your mouth was, "Jesus DIED!"
I took you back into nursery and talked to your teacher so I could get the scoop on what the lesson was. The Resurrection. You were so proud you could tell me and you couldn't wait to tell Dad the story.
4. Your Hill cousins came to visit us and you were in heaven having so many people to give you attention and play with you. You kept calling them your sisters and brothers and still do. I feel no need in correcting you. You were so sad when they left and you want them to come back.
5. Other funny things you said.
Mom: You are talking my head off
Austin: I'm not talking your head off, your head is still on!
Mom: You are driving me up the wall
Austin: I am not up the wall, I am  down the wall
(This was a rough week if you can't tell, I am constantly learning patience)

1. Your poor face hit an all time low- the rash on your face was so bad. We were at Chick-fil-la and I caught a stranger talking to another stranger about it and I wanted to burst into tears. I was determined to find a cure and with some help from Andrea's friend and my Dad and his connections we finally confirmed what it was. Awful Eczema. We started you on a steroid and aquafor and I can now say we have it under control and your skin is going back to baby soft. 
2. You went 2 weeks with out pooping. I took you into see the doctor after one week and he didn't seem concerned at all and then finally on Sunday you had a massive poop. 
3. You are starting to giggle a little. It isn't flow blown giggling but you are showing positive signs and it is more then just smiling.
4. You are also starting to coo!
5. This week you acted more like a normal baby in the sleep department. You are waking up usually 2x a night and by 6am it is a constant "put the binky back in"  until Austin wakes up at 6:45am.

This was the day before it broke out really bad and this has been the normal since 1 month

This was the worst and the other side looked just like it- I was so sad and just devastated. It really itched too.

This was just after one day of treatments and caking your face with steroid and aquafor. We were relieved your face was responding well.

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Erinn Meyer said...

Two weeks????? And he wasn't concerned? ??? Sheesh!