Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You woke up early one morning and the rest of the day we were all dragging. On those days it would be really nice for you to take a nap. It has now been one year since you stopped taking naps.
2. We are trying to do better with Lennox's tummy time and you always like to get down with him.

3. We learned about seeds in Joy School and you really got attached to the idea. We had to go plant the seeds in our yard and now we watch them grow. (they really aren't growing but the grass is so we count it)
4. You love playing outside and if Iowa would stop being so crazy then we would play outside everyday because it keeps you so entertained.

 5. One day you were talking non-stop about when we get to go to Grandma Kaye's house and you weren't understanding that we weren't going tomorrow and it was actually many days away. So I thought we should make a chain and you agreed and now you take one off everyday. You now know when the chains are all gone is when we go to Grandma Kaye's house.
1. You have been crying real tears since the beginning of the month and it breaks our hearts.
2. I think in the next few weeks you will be giggling.
3. Dad was gone on a camp-out with the Scouts so I had you cry it out for the first time and you only cried for 4 minutes, I was shocked!
4. We are awful at giving you tummy time and you don't even try when we do make you do it.
5. I had to breakout the infant mittens again to protect you from yourself. You gave yourself two scratches in one morning.

You fell asleep on the job

I hope you get eye lashes like your older brother and these look promising!

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Erinn Meyer said...

Their outfits are adorable. I love how you dress your boys.