Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You learned about obeying in Nursery. Dad and I aren't too sure that you fully understand the concept, haha.
2. Dad and you are suffering with a nasty cough bug and we are all ready for it to be gone.
3. You got a net to catch bugs in but Dad told you about frogs so now all you want to do is go to the pond and catch a frog.
4. You always want to give Lennox kisses.
5. It was your turn to take the snack to pre-school and you were over the moon about it. For sharing time you brought (theme was spring) a rainbow, tractor, animals, and you added a map(junk piece of mail).
The chain is off the floor now!
1. We started sleep training you and I HATED it but knew it would be the best thing for all of us. It was rough but now you go to asleep in your crib just fine.
I will wait a little longer to sleep train you in the middle of the night but I am slowly getting more exhausted. What happened to my baby that sometimes only woke up once??
2. You must eat every 3 hours or sooner. This also applies to nights now. Hopefully a growth spurt.
3. You had your 2 months checkup and it went well. You are low on weight so now I am stressing but the doctor thinks it is just genetics. We had him look at your head and it is flat on onside but not too bad. We just need to help you look the other way more often (another stress). You were absolutely hysterical with the shots- it took you a lifetime to calm down and then you passed out for the remainder of the day.
4. Height 25in 96%
Weight 12.3lbs 25%
HC 16in 75%
5. This past month has been exhausting trying to juggle you and your brother but I want this to be remembered. You give the most rewarding smiles, I am so in love with your smile that I pull out my camera all the time to capture it. There is something special with your eyes that make that smile extra big and it takes everything inside me not to love you to death.

Keeping it real. Long night, finally asleep, and dirty diaper on the ground.

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