Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I told you we were going to have a picnic with Brock and Jett and you responded, "a picnic, like George and Martha?" (Tehy are characters in a book who go on a picnic)
2. The Easter "Eggie" Community Hunt finally came and you were so giddy about it! You had a blast and were sad it only lasted a second so thankfully, the Easter Bunny did another hunt on Sunday!
3. Grandma Kaye sent you a book about the fun things you do around Easter and it talked about chocolate bunnies. We told you maybe you'd get a chocolate bunny in your basket but you out smarted us. You told us we could just go to the store and get a chocolate bunny.
4. We talk about making good and bad choices all day long. Unfortunately, it is because we need to remind you that what you did was a bad choice. We will say in our family prayers to ask that Heavenly Father helps you make good choices and you always pipe up, "Not bad choices".
5. On Sunday we went on a drive to Mt. Pisgah(a stopping place on the Mormon trail) and had a picnic there. Two dogs joined us (I am not a fan of stranger pets) and you were in heaven and wanted to play with them. Dad let you...against my wishes.

1. When I drop Austin off at Preschool I always want to run errands except you hate sleeping in your car seat! Or you always need to eat so one day I fed you in the parking lot at Kohls.
2. You shed your first tear. 
3. You love to cuddle.
4. We can tell that you are becoming more aware because if we start to put you down when you are fussy you start to whimper or if we are close by and we don't pick you up you get more upset.
5. You let your brother hold you but we can tell you are never that thrilled about it. haha

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