Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. In church you handed me the Mother's Day gift from the ward (had chocolates) and you said, "here you go mommy, save my treats for me". You also thought the bracelet you made in nursery is for you.
2. We did a trip to some church sites in Kansas and then went up to St. Louis for 2 days. You weren't the best traveler. After day one in the car you were done watching shows and just whined and complained.
3. We stayed with my friends the Woodbury's and you kept calling them the Raspberries and sometimes would call Sis. Woodbury, Grandma Raspberry.
4. She made you special pancakes (add food coloring and make things) and now you request that for breakfast.
5. You love saying the prayer. I can't even remember the last time that Dad and I got to say the prayer alone.

Dad teaching you how to pee in the woods

Ted Drewes custard

1. You were the best traveler on our trip. You slept great and ate awesome.
2. We took you with us to the Cardinals game and you were great and the several fans asked to take you home.
3. Your sleeping at home is not great. We are struggling and I am now experience "newborn mommy zombie" mode.
4. You will not take a bottle--yikes!
5. We put you in the bumbo for the first time and you weren't sold on it. Your neck still has a long way to go to be strong enough and you detest tummy time so bad that I think it might be another month.

Mother's Day

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