Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. "Oh, crap!" "Darn it!" "You stinker pants" are all new sayings and so is "stupid" but I am trying to erase that word from your memory.
2. When Dad is home you are on cloud nine! You ask all day long when Dad will be home.
3. You love your Dad because he always buys you stuff and you also love him because he can give you more one on one attention but buying stuff for you is #1.
For example: he bought you a bike and a Ninja Turtle helmet (you wear it all day long)
4. He also pulled out the Wii from the garage....
I told Dad the Wii will not stick around if I run into problems and Dad agreed. We already had one morning tantrum about it....ugh, I hate video games.
5.Your friend, Elle Rae, moves next week and you kinda get it but kinda don't. When we talk about it you tell us that we are going to move to the Arch...
 6. I was having a bad day and I couldn't hold it anymore so I broke down. You immediately told me I couldn't cry because that's what babies do (I wonder where you learned that saying) and then you started crying. It was sweet to see that you do have a tender, caring side

1. Overall you have been a happier baby but this past weekend you started refusing to nurse on your ear infection side so I am worried that it never went away. We will find out on Tuesday.
2. You have a bald spot that is a perfect circle on your head but we think that it is from rubbing.
3. I started giving you rice cereal this week because you seem extra hungry right before bed. 
4. You want to sit up more and more.
5. You also officially rolled over but have not repeated it. Back to tummy.
6. You love sucking on your hands. You prefer your fingers over the binky.
I am trying to learn my camera and I am sad this is really blurry but it doesn't change his smile

He doesn't like to cuddle anymore while falling asleep so this was a precious moment.

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Erinn Meyer said...

Don't worry, I broke down in front of a three men at the rental car place.... At least it saved me $80!