Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You are addicted to the ipad. Ugh...
2. People always comment on how much they love your voice. 
3. We both cried about your lack of interest in pooping in the potty. You didn't get to go to sports camp with your friends because you refuse to go. I was hoping it would motivate you but like how it has been since the beginning... you honestly do not care what others are doing or what they think about you still pooping in a diaper. Your parents on the other hand worry about it daily and are embarrassed (I feel like a failure and everyone thinks they have a solution for me). I even had a dream that you were in high school and called me to come to school to change your bum. Ya, I am having nightmares. I know you will figure it out just like you did with sleeping, I just pray it wont take 13 months.
4. You got to go to another birthday party and again you talked about it the whole week prior. You love having things to look forward too.
5. Your energy is nuts. I feel so bad that I can't entertain you like I did pre-Lennox, especially this summer. We will just need to make up for it next summer because right now I am in survival mode. And I have parent guilt. I got you doing some pre-school worksheets though so that is kinda helping.

1. You had your 4 month appointment and you are skinny and tall. You weigh 14 lbs 2 oz 11% and 26 1/2 inches 84%.
2. The doctor said your head shape is looking better and he doesn't see a need for a helmet. Your bald spot is also growing hair back. You can't tell unless you are looking up close but I am excited.
3. The shots went the same but your recovery from them this time has been awful! You were miserable all night, didn't sleep, and had a fever. The next morning you were again feverish, grumpy, and tired. 
4. We bought you a jumper! You are still a little young for it but today you sat in it for 20min and just looked around happily.
5.  The high school girls and older ladies who work child watch at the gym LOVE YOU! You are always good for them and smile at them. One girl also loves your name and she loves when you come. It makes a mom's heart happy when others love your children.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Your room was a huge mess.
Dad: Austin, who is going to help me clean up your room? 
Austin: Ask mom
2. You love playing hide and seek.
3. Swim lessons finished better then they began and you were able to move on to the next level.
You became more confident, that is for sure.
4. Every night, after we put you in bed, and we are about to walk out you try your hardest to think of something to talk to us about.
4. You woke up one night screaming at me because I wouldn't give you food and water. Dad told you it was a bad dream and to go back to bed. Dad and I still laughing about it.
At Homemakers- checking out the furniture

Always wrestling with Dad

Matching- Lennox doesn't EVER like it when you hold him

All the kids in the mini van- going to Sonic for a shake

Riding in your friend's, Beckett, car and loving it.

Learning to kick

Favorite part of swim lessons- going down the slide at the end

I had to document that I took you both swimming and brought you both home alive. I can do this!

1. You are adorable.
2. You can actually lift your head up on your tummy!
3. I am at a lost with your lack of sleep. (what happen to my wonderful newborn) I am trying so hard not to let it effect my mood and having Austin around helps but other days I am just so drained. 
4. You love me. Like a ridiculous amount. You are a mommy's boy if their ever was one. I love it.
5. Your legs are getting so strong. You love to stand- so much so that we are slightly worried you might learn to walk before crawling!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Austin: I want to jump, jump, jump (saying while jumping).
Mom: You did a lot of jumping at Grandma Kaye's house, we need a trampoline one day, huh?
Austin: Ya, lets go buy one at the store.
Mom: We can't buy one, we don't have a yard to put it in.
Austin: Lets go to the store and buy a yard!
2. Started swim lessons and I am pretty sure you are going to have to repeat this level. You aren't the best floater or kicker. However, you have no fear going down the slide or jumping in.
3. Dad took you camping for the first time and you loved it! You loved being with Dad and sleeping in the tent.
4. You had your yearly checkup with the Derm Doctor. No change!
5. We started this week making you eat the dinner we made. (I know- we are bad parents that we are just doing this), and the first few days I felt so angry after dinner because you would not even try it! Your Dad and I were wondering how people ever got their kids to eat! However, since Sunday you will now "try" it without a fight and we had one meal you loved.... pulled pork sandwhiches.
1. The Derm doctor diagnosed your bald spot as alopecia. Hopefully the steroid medication will work and we can start getting your hair to grow. This can reoccur so we pray that it doesn't because kids can be so mean.
2. We are doing better at doing tummy time once a day but you are still so bad at it! You also haven't rolled over again either way. This is probably why you have such a flat head :(
3. Starting to really giggle but not near as loud or as much as Austin did.
4. You love rice cereal! You have now caught on to the concept and you can pound it down. You are also a lot more of a messy eater than you brother was.
5. Seriously, you are so dang cute. I am totally bias and I know that but you light up our lives everyday. You have an infectious smile that we all adore. You smile at anyone and that is fun. People also comment how chill you are- and yes you are a chill baby but becoming more of a wiggle worm!

(no pictures this week- I slacked off)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lennox 4 Months

3 Months Old

4 Months Old

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Our countdown chain finally came to an end and we were all so excited for Brooke and Nate's wedding and also getting to go to Grandma Kaye's house.
2. Unfortunately, the countdown also was how many days we had left of our really good friends the Haskells. You know that Elle Rae moved to Florida but you still talk like it is temporary. That is one friendship that we are all missing.
3. You were as great as can be on the plane. The first plane to Chicago you jabbermouthed the whole time. The two hour lay over you did laps around us. Thankfully, the next flight to Phoenix was at 9:30pm so as soon as the plane took off you passed out for the whole ride.
4. You fell asleep at the reception again. (You fell asleep at Lindsey') It made it so much enjoyable because your Dad and I got to enjoy ourselves and then when you woke up you were so much enjoyable to be around!
5. You loved everything about being at Grandma Kaye's house. You loved being spoiled rotten. You swam everyday and ate your weight in cookies and Popsicles.
6. The Hill cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Allen came our last day there and swam with you. You were so excited for them to come and had a mile wide smile the whole time.
7. You were sad to say goodbye to everyone but you missed your Daddy so you were fine about coming home.

1. You didn't have a second ear infection so that was nice. However, I asked the doctor to look at a circle bald spot that appeared about 2 weeks before the appointment and he had no clue what or why. So we have an appointment with a dermatologist. (I have no idea why my boys like to have bald spots on their big heads)
2. You were great on your first plane ride. I nursed you going up on the first flight and you fell asleep the whole entire time (through our layover and then flight to phoenix) until about 30min when we landed and I nursed you again.
3. You sleeping was horrible and you also started waking up at 5am. Once we got to Grandma's house we at least were able to put you down for naps but you hated the pack n play.
4. A week before we left we started you on rice cereal but you didn't love it so I didn't worry about it while we were gone.
5. You now babble and that is really fun.
6. We are starting to hear giggles.
7. You were also spoiled rotten and no one ever let you cry.
So it is bald and I mean really bald. No hair is growing out and there isn't a rash or enjoy concerning. I am scared hair will never grow back :(

Great Grandma Ruth

You love your snuggles.