Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Our countdown chain finally came to an end and we were all so excited for Brooke and Nate's wedding and also getting to go to Grandma Kaye's house.
2. Unfortunately, the countdown also was how many days we had left of our really good friends the Haskells. You know that Elle Rae moved to Florida but you still talk like it is temporary. That is one friendship that we are all missing.
3. You were as great as can be on the plane. The first plane to Chicago you jabbermouthed the whole time. The two hour lay over you did laps around us. Thankfully, the next flight to Phoenix was at 9:30pm so as soon as the plane took off you passed out for the whole ride.
4. You fell asleep at the reception again. (You fell asleep at Lindsey') It made it so much enjoyable because your Dad and I got to enjoy ourselves and then when you woke up you were so much enjoyable to be around!
5. You loved everything about being at Grandma Kaye's house. You loved being spoiled rotten. You swam everyday and ate your weight in cookies and Popsicles.
6. The Hill cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Allen came our last day there and swam with you. You were so excited for them to come and had a mile wide smile the whole time.
7. You were sad to say goodbye to everyone but you missed your Daddy so you were fine about coming home.

1. You didn't have a second ear infection so that was nice. However, I asked the doctor to look at a circle bald spot that appeared about 2 weeks before the appointment and he had no clue what or why. So we have an appointment with a dermatologist. (I have no idea why my boys like to have bald spots on their big heads)
2. You were great on your first plane ride. I nursed you going up on the first flight and you fell asleep the whole entire time (through our layover and then flight to phoenix) until about 30min when we landed and I nursed you again.
3. You sleeping was horrible and you also started waking up at 5am. Once we got to Grandma's house we at least were able to put you down for naps but you hated the pack n play.
4. A week before we left we started you on rice cereal but you didn't love it so I didn't worry about it while we were gone.
5. You now babble and that is really fun.
6. We are starting to hear giggles.
7. You were also spoiled rotten and no one ever let you cry.
So it is bald and I mean really bald. No hair is growing out and there isn't a rash or enjoy concerning. I am scared hair will never grow back :(

Great Grandma Ruth

You love your snuggles.

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