Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Austin: I want to jump, jump, jump (saying while jumping).
Mom: You did a lot of jumping at Grandma Kaye's house, we need a trampoline one day, huh?
Austin: Ya, lets go buy one at the store.
Mom: We can't buy one, we don't have a yard to put it in.
Austin: Lets go to the store and buy a yard!
2. Started swim lessons and I am pretty sure you are going to have to repeat this level. You aren't the best floater or kicker. However, you have no fear going down the slide or jumping in.
3. Dad took you camping for the first time and you loved it! You loved being with Dad and sleeping in the tent.
4. You had your yearly checkup with the Derm Doctor. No change!
5. We started this week making you eat the dinner we made. (I know- we are bad parents that we are just doing this), and the first few days I felt so angry after dinner because you would not even try it! Your Dad and I were wondering how people ever got their kids to eat! However, since Sunday you will now "try" it without a fight and we had one meal you loved.... pulled pork sandwhiches.
1. The Derm doctor diagnosed your bald spot as alopecia. Hopefully the steroid medication will work and we can start getting your hair to grow. This can reoccur so we pray that it doesn't because kids can be so mean.
2. We are doing better at doing tummy time once a day but you are still so bad at it! You also haven't rolled over again either way. This is probably why you have such a flat head :(
3. Starting to really giggle but not near as loud or as much as Austin did.
4. You love rice cereal! You have now caught on to the concept and you can pound it down. You are also a lot more of a messy eater than you brother was.
5. Seriously, you are so dang cute. I am totally bias and I know that but you light up our lives everyday. You have an infectious smile that we all adore. You smile at anyone and that is fun. People also comment how chill you are- and yes you are a chill baby but becoming more of a wiggle worm!

(no pictures this week- I slacked off)

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Erinn Meyer said...

I'm sorry if I've already recommended this to you, but if not, get Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter for child nutrition. Changed my life. :)