Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Your room was a huge mess.
Dad: Austin, who is going to help me clean up your room? 
Austin: Ask mom
2. You love playing hide and seek.
3. Swim lessons finished better then they began and you were able to move on to the next level.
You became more confident, that is for sure.
4. Every night, after we put you in bed, and we are about to walk out you try your hardest to think of something to talk to us about.
4. You woke up one night screaming at me because I wouldn't give you food and water. Dad told you it was a bad dream and to go back to bed. Dad and I still laughing about it.
At Homemakers- checking out the furniture

Always wrestling with Dad

Matching- Lennox doesn't EVER like it when you hold him

All the kids in the mini van- going to Sonic for a shake

Riding in your friend's, Beckett, car and loving it.

Learning to kick

Favorite part of swim lessons- going down the slide at the end

I had to document that I took you both swimming and brought you both home alive. I can do this!

1. You are adorable.
2. You can actually lift your head up on your tummy!
3. I am at a lost with your lack of sleep. (what happen to my wonderful newborn) I am trying so hard not to let it effect my mood and having Austin around helps but other days I am just so drained. 
4. You love me. Like a ridiculous amount. You are a mommy's boy if their ever was one. I love it.
5. Your legs are getting so strong. You love to stand- so much so that we are slightly worried you might learn to walk before crawling!

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Erinn Meyer said...

Oh Carly, they are ADORABLE!