Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You are addicted to the ipad. Ugh...
2. People always comment on how much they love your voice. 
3. We both cried about your lack of interest in pooping in the potty. You didn't get to go to sports camp with your friends because you refuse to go. I was hoping it would motivate you but like how it has been since the beginning... you honestly do not care what others are doing or what they think about you still pooping in a diaper. Your parents on the other hand worry about it daily and are embarrassed (I feel like a failure and everyone thinks they have a solution for me). I even had a dream that you were in high school and called me to come to school to change your bum. Ya, I am having nightmares. I know you will figure it out just like you did with sleeping, I just pray it wont take 13 months.
4. You got to go to another birthday party and again you talked about it the whole week prior. You love having things to look forward too.
5. Your energy is nuts. I feel so bad that I can't entertain you like I did pre-Lennox, especially this summer. We will just need to make up for it next summer because right now I am in survival mode. And I have parent guilt. I got you doing some pre-school worksheets though so that is kinda helping.

1. You had your 4 month appointment and you are skinny and tall. You weigh 14 lbs 2 oz 11% and 26 1/2 inches 84%.
2. The doctor said your head shape is looking better and he doesn't see a need for a helmet. Your bald spot is also growing hair back. You can't tell unless you are looking up close but I am excited.
3. The shots went the same but your recovery from them this time has been awful! You were miserable all night, didn't sleep, and had a fever. The next morning you were again feverish, grumpy, and tired. 
4. We bought you a jumper! You are still a little young for it but today you sat in it for 20min and just looked around happily.
5.  The high school girls and older ladies who work child watch at the gym LOVE YOU! You are always good for them and smile at them. One girl also loves your name and she loves when you come. It makes a mom's heart happy when others love your children.

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