Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. YOU LEARNED HOW TO POOP ON THE POTTY! I thought this day would never come but it did and we are all so happy about it! You love to tell everyone you meet that you can poop on the potty! (seriously, it is kinda embarrassing) We've had 2 major accidents, both at the park, but I am still trying to stay positive.
2. We taught you that we don't say the word "stupid" because it isn't nice. However, now Dad and I catch ourselves saying it and you always make us say sorry...which is good. 
3. This week you are into the Ninja Turtles again and you learned their names.
4. You are starting to want our soda every time and this is causing a problem because you don't need the caffeine but I DO!
5. At church you learned about being baptized and you pronounce it "bow ties".
6. Dad got you a tee, baseball bat, and baseball and you guys practiced hitting and you caught on really fast.
You always request that I take a picture with you and the bear when I do Lennox's pictures.

One night I came in to check on you and found you like this. I pulled back the blankets and you were covered in sweat.

1. You have master the art of rolling over both way but you don't do it all the time.
2. You are consistently waking up at 5:30am. You are happy to be awake and within an hour you want to go back to sleep for an hour. You also consistently wake up between 11-12 and 2-3 at night to eat. You are napping 3 times a day. We are lucky if your morning and later afternoon nap last 45 minutes and your afternoon nap usually will go over an hour and possibly two.
3. We've tried giving you formula and you do not like it at all. I would like to have that option but for now we will just keep trying our best.
4. I took you in the actual swimming pool for the first time and you didn't love it or hate it. You were very calm and neutral about it and the water was even freezing!
5. You are done with the swing so now we need you to warm up to your jumper and that is taking longer then expected. You will not jump! You try and attack the toys the with your mouth and they are too far to reach so you end up falling over and sucking on the seat.

blooper bear picture
Happy Sabbath
Cuddles in Mom's bed
This is the Lennox smile that we all fall in love with everyday. You can't get more happy then this.

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sarahspencer said...

YAAAAAYYYYYY AUSTIN!!!!!! Thats an accomplishment worth telling strangers!