Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We went to the hot air balloon festival and it was an even bigger hit this year with you. You loved it! You loved the whole process of the balloon filling up with hot air to then taking off.
2. I really think you pooping in the potty is here to stick! On Sunday you actually told me you had to poop which you had not done yet and that was huge! I still stress out every time I have to leave you alone but I am sure that will diminish with time.
3. We went to Union Park this past week and got to ride the famous carousel. You figured out that you want to ride the ones that go up and down.
4. On Sunday we made snickerdoodles and you wouldn't eat them and said you didn't like them.
5. If you are a ninja turtle then you are always Raphael.
6. On the way home we were talking and you said something right and you said "I'm a genius!". It made me laugh to realize you knew that word and used it correctly.

He was putting me in the tent. AKA piling every pillow and blanket on me.
that forced smile kills me
1. You do not like your jump-a-roo. You will not jump in it and start crying after 5 minutes in it. However, you LOVE TO JUMP! When we hold you that is all you want to do, so why not in the jump-a-roo?!?!? You have the strongest legs.
2. You are getting attached.
3. Your alopecia has now spread to the lower right side of your head but the part that originally lost hair is growing back kinda. The pictures are from last week but now all the patches connect.
4. Your wearing 6-9 month clothing for the length but you could probably wear 3month clothing for width. You are so skinny!
5. If you lose your toy because you drop it or your brother takes it away, you get mad! It's so interesting watching you develop such an attitude and personality.


Patches of baldness are connecting
Bottom right side is completely hairless

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