Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You've learned how to facetime people. 
2. You sang the opening song in church with me and it was adorable and funny. You were making up your own words and tune.
3. Most be going through a growth spurt because you are eating me at of house and home.
4. A new friend, Lynlee, moved in and you two are two peas in a pod.
5. If I don't buckle my seatbelt right away and do it mid-driving (I am awful about this), you always hear it and point out that I was/am a stinker.
6. The latest is that when you turn 4 in January we are going to move to Florida by Elle Rae and go down the water slide. He tells this story to anyone who will listen :)
Playing at Racoon River
1. Guess what!? You are warming up to your jump-a-roo!! Now you will actually bounce and stay in there for 10min!
2. You are becoming a difficult child to nurse. You will not be covered. You will not stay latched on. You come on and off every 5 seconds (no joke, I am dieing). You get distracted easily.  So what should be a 10min job takes 20min. You still need to eat 2.5-3 hrs. You still nurse twice at night.
I've got to be honest. Nursing is not what it's cracked up to be. Gary and I joke the 3rd will just be bottle fed...I am not joking anymore.
3. You started screaming in an adorable way. It's like you found this new trick and want to try it out over and over. Lately, we've notice you scream to get our attention because when we look over at you, you have a smile as if you are so proud you accomplished your goal of distracting us. What's so cute is you get all excited like you can't contain yourself and take several breaths in to prepare.
4. You started arching your back when I put you in the car seat. I have to now force you in and buckle you in as fast as possible and you still melt down over it.
5. We are entering a new phase where we can't leave you near dangerous things. You will push off with your feet and side roll (You don't ever roll 180, always 90, but you can do 180 rolls) to get to whatever you see. We also find you turned all the time in your crib.

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Erinn Meyer said...

Nursing! Seriously, right?! Kai was doing the on and off again thing too, but just on one side. I think he was getting impatient that it doesn't come as quick as he wants it to at first. So basically he is only nursing one side now, unless he's passed out in the middle of the night, then I can convince him to do the other...and he just got two teeth, so that has been fun. Luckily, he did stop biting pretty quick, but if he gets top teeth soon I might be done.