Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We got to fly home for great grandpa's funeral and you were so excited to see your 3 grandmas and grandpas.
2. you told everyone under the sun about it.
3.We haven't had a potty accident for 2 weeks.
4. However we are going through a puking phase.
5. On this trip you are loving all the attention and playing with your cousins.
Adele Corn Festival
I can't take a picture of Lennox without taking one of you
Flying to Utah
Uncle Dan had to go to a meeting and all the kids attacked him to stop him from going

Watching nursery rhymes with cousin Abby
1. You are starting to push off your feet on your back to get to things which leads to you bonking your head. I wish that scooting was on your belly but you still HATE tummy time.
2. While I am feeding you, you have started reaching at my face and stroking it or grabbing it. I also can't drink while holding you because you immediately go to grab it and then I spill all over me.
3. This trip has brought you some misery. You got sick and you were already not sleeping great but now I am lucky if I get 5 hours total.
4.When you do want me to hold you, You've been super cuddly, which I love.
5. I love to hold you but most of the time you love just being on the floor, stretched out doing your own thing and playing.
6. You tried carrots and peaches this week. You liked the carrots and did not like the peaches. You love banana oatmeal baby cereal.
7. I try working on tummy time but you flip too fast.

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