Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We spent the last week in Saint George and you came down with an ear infection on Wednesday. So now I need to make an appointment with the ENT and see what is going on.
2. Once your ear starting feeling better you were so much happier.
3. You asked non stop about the museum so we went every day except Thursday and Sunday.
4. You told me that I am your favorite girl and daddy is your favorite guy.
5. You've been really into making up your own songs and then we sing them at bed time. So far we have a garbage truck song, friend song, and Jesus song.
playing at the museum with cousin Abby

Making heart cookies with Grandma Kaye

1. Easiest baby during the day is what I tell people when they ask if you are a good baby.
2. Once you got over your cough I was hoping you'd sleep better the rest of the trip but you didn't but you were amazing during the day like usual and I swear no one besides Gary believes what you do to me during the night.
3. You are so coordinated when it comes to using your fingers. Grandma Kaye has a tag blanket and you could grab the tag you wanted and stuff it in your mouth. I've noticed that before but it was evident with the blanket.
4. If you are not 100% happy when you are in your car seat then you will scream and it must be short distances.
5. Your 6 month clothes are getting a little tight in length.
6. All throughout the trip I had numerous people tell me how gorgeous your blue eyes are and that your smile is to die for. I know- I fall for it every single day.

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