Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. So I've been singing the songs you've made up before bed and one night, a few minutes after I left we heard you crying. Dad went in and found you in a puddle of tears. I guess the "friend" song just really broke your heart because it starts off with how your friends moved but you still have a few friends here. Well, you were devastated that you only had 3 friends and you want more! Our hearts broke with yours and since that night I decided we wont talk about the friends that moved and just about the ones we have here in Iowa and the ones we will make in school. 
2. School starts next week and I don't know who is more excited ;)
3. You have a nasty running nose and cough this week.
4. Grandma Kaye taught you to say "excuse me" but we are working on how to use that appropriately. Right now instead of "MOM!" I get "EXCUSE ME MOM" times 10 :)
5. You did not want to watch or even be in the same room as Lennox when he got his shots. I am not sure if it is the tender side or you were scared for yourself.
1. You had a checkup with the Derm doctor and it has spread but their is nothing can do except just keep putting the cream on.
2. You are getting more and more mobile on you back from rolling or back scooting. I try my best to give you tummy time but you flip so dang fast I couldn't even get a picture of you on your belly if I tried. Austin was army scooting by now so I am getting kinda worried because you have NO interest.
3. You can sit up for a second by yourself before folding in half or backwards.
4. You are loving the jumper!!!!
5. Your 6 month appointment fine. You recovered from your shots so fast and no bad side effects after!
Still a little, tall thing.
Height 28inches 87%
Weight 15.9 9%
Head Circumference 17 1/2 70%

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