Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We were teaching you about the Holy Ghost and one day you put your ear next to mine and with concern you said, "Mom, I can't hear the Holy Ghost?!" Day in and day out we are reminded about how everything is so literal with you.
2. You are having issues with pooping on the potty and Dad and I are going crazy. You are refusing to go again. UGH....
 3. You started Pre -school this week and so far you are loving it! And so am I!

1. This week went better with sleep training and it looks like you are figuring it out.
2. If I take you to the gym during morning nap time I'll put you in their "miracle swing" and you fall asleep until I come back. WIN WIN!
3. If you see something within a reasonable distance from you, you will roll. I've seen you do 2 rolls in a row and that is huge because you are not a mover.

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