Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. The highlight of this week was having Grandpa and Grandma Allen visit. You were so excited and were a ball of energy the whole day before they arrived. You had two plans of what you wanted and that was to take them to the Science Center and have FUN! We exceeded both.
2. Unfortunately, you also came down with a nasty cold and cough. It worked out in your favor though, because you got to spend church time at home with Grandma Allen all by yourself. 
3. You received letters in the mail from Grandma Allen (before she got here), Grandma Kaye, Aunt Lindsey, and cousin Carter this week and you absolutely love getting letters written to you!
4. You know that you have the next birthday after Dad's. We celebrated Dad's birthday over the weekend since we had company and you thought your birthday was going to be the next day. We had a lesson on months and time.
5. Your pre-school teacher told me you love making crafts and that is true. Everyday you are doing something different with paper and markers.

1. You had your first ride in a swing. I am not sure what your thoughts were but you weren't crying so I'd say it was successful.
2. You are playing Peek-a-boo! It is the cutest thing. You cover your face with your blanket and we say "where is Lennox" and you pull the blanket off and smile and giggle with delight. We easily could play this game all day it is adorable.
3. You can sit up unassisted!!! You aren't close to leaving you alone with out pillows but probably in the next month.
4. You caught Austin's cold and it has interrupted your sleep. UGH! 
5. This might be my many favorite things I love and hate about this stage. You are starting to put your arms out to me. I love it because I feel so loved and needed and sometimes that's just all I need to remember it's worth it. Other times, this MOMMA JUST NEEDS A BREAK.
6. I also need to document that you are no where close to crawling. Grandma Allen tried to get you to spend time on your tummy and reach forward to toys. You just flipped right back over as fast as it took her to get you on your tummy. I just know you will do it on your own time.

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