Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. The day finally came to fly to Utah for a month and you kept saying over and over "I am so excited".
2. Your energy level since being in Utah is on overdrive. I am exhausted trying to keep you entertained.
3. Every person and animal has a name and if not then I must come up with one. You still think mom, knows all, even everyone's name.
4. You are telling family members they have big belly's and asking if there is a baby in their belly. Ugh
5. The woman saying the opening prayer in sacrament meeting was saying a lengthy prayer. You kept saying out loud, "in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN" over and over, it was funny.

1. Ear infection #2 hit last week and we are still recovering. Brother passed on his cold. Only one more and you can get tubes!
2. And you are teething. No teeth poking through yet but I can just tell by looking at your gums.
3. So your sleeping and eating is shot. So tired.
4. You started biting me! It isn't like super painful but painful enough. Another reason why I think you are teething.
5. Extra needy and cuddly and I hope this all passes because since Dad isn't around I need to leave you on the floor for a minute without a freak out.

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