Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Dad was reading you scriptures and it was on the story about the women and children being burned.You completly melted down and started crying because you were so sad the kids were burned. Dad explained that the kids went to heaven so it was ok, and that they went to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father. You got really sad again and said, "but the kids will miss their mommy's and daddy's". You were breaking our hearts to see how concerened you were. Again, Dad tried to comfort you and tell you that the kids will see their mommy's and daddy's again when they die and go to heaven. In the end you prayed to not be burned and were happy that we all get to live in Heaven one day.
I still cannot believe you made that connection and how tender hearted you can be but I am so grateful for your sweet sweet heart.
2.We went to the zoo and you got to feed the giraffe and pull the train whistle.
3. It was meet the teacher for preschool this past week and you were so scared. It really shocked me because you are not a shy child and once I threaten you into the building and we met you teachers I couldn't get you to leave.
4. Another night reading scriptures it was my turn. We talked about the Sons of Helaman on missions and so that led to a conversation about how you were going to go on a mission. You said you were scared about people saying no. I told you I'd send you lots of packages with your favorite treats if you go on a mission. You told me you want me to send you salad because missionaries like salad. And when you are bigger and a missionary you will want salad, but not now because you aren't bigger. So I asked , "so you want me to send you salad?"
"Yes, I like salad when I'm a missionary"
5. We made another chain countdown for when Grandma and Grandpa Allen come and when we leave to go to Utah. You love telling anymore and everyone about it.
Mailing a letter to Grandma and Grandpa Allen
1. We started sleeping training you at night. The doctor said there is no reason to feed you at night anymore and I took that idea and ran with it! I decided I will not feed you unless it is 4am or later. The first night you cried pretty long but each night it got less and less. It has been a week now and I can't say you have it down because you still cry every night but mostly a whimper and then fall back asleep.
2. I have to mix the veggies with fruit to get you to eat it. I feed you banana oatmeal in the afternoon and veggies and fruit at dinner. I still nurse you every 3-4 hours.
3. I let you naw on a piece of watermelon. I was freaking out because I was worried you might choke. Dad kept reassuring me that all was going to fine. I finally couldn't take it (you were breaking it up) and took it away. The "angry lennox" occured.
4. You can sit up unassisted for a few seconds as long as everything is perfect and you don't choose to nose dive or throw yourself backwards. You also are getting better at sitting in your high chair.
5. You love your brother so much. You love watching him and smiling with him. But as I have mentioned before, you do not like him touching you! I love that you both love each other so much.
At the zoo being adorable

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