Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cougar Run

I skipped Tuesday Tidbits this week because of being out of town but this cannot go undocumented.
I signed Austin up to run the Cougar Run with his cousin, Cyrus. I didn't tell Austin until the night of, and he was so excited. I honestly didn't think he would be as excited as he was but he acted like it was Christmas morning. Gary got him all situated at the start line and told him to run towards the finish line. I waited by the end to get pictures and take care of Lennox. The gun went off and about 50 little boys start running in white shirts. The next thing I knew Gary was standing by me asking if I had seen Austin because he lost track of him. WHAT!? I hadn't seen him either and I had been watching. We immediately thought the worst and I started walking back towards the start to see if he had a panic attack. I couldn't find him. Gary couldn't find him. Finally, which seemed like FOREVER, we find Austin as happy as can be with his cousin. He was over the moon about his first race and asked us if we saw him "run so fast". Yes we lied and said we did. He came in 15th place. I still feel awful that I missed his first race. It has now been a few weeks later and he still talks about it and wants to race to anything and everything. He also shows off his "running" shoes to everyone. I think we have many more races in our future.

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