Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We are having a power struggle lately and I blame it on the lack of Dad in your life and an inconsistent environment. (Gary's working up in Provo and we've been living with family in Utah)
2. However, we agree on one thing lately and that is bedtime. You go to bed willingly and are sleeping past 7am!!
3. In nursery you were taught the "Wise man built his house" song and you actually remember it really well, and with actions!
4. Not only do you talk nonstop but now you are singing nonstop. We were at the grocery store and you were singing (loud) to your hearts content about the latest thing going in your life. I got many stares and looks.
5. The latest thing was that we got "boo"ed for Halloween and we had to "boo" 2 other families. You were really scared about the whole idea but once we did it you loved it. You already want to play pretend "boo".

2. Thankfully and no so thankful that explains the absolute awful sleep digression for the past week and being so needy and grumpy.
3. You can now basically get to anything within eye sight by rolling. (baby proof) The latest thing is that you can lift yourself up from your belly and you can also put your knees under to get your butt up but you can't do both at the same time:) It has been really weird to look at pictures and see what your older brother was doing at your age. It goes to show that you are your ownself. 
4. If I stand you up by a couch you can hold on but my hand can't leave your back yet for fear of falling fast. However, sitting up is getting better and better!! I still don't leave you for longer then a second because when you fall it takes awhile to recover.
5.  You got the flu shot and you took it like a champ! Honestly, one little cry and tear and you were done. I was so surprised and so was the nurse! I can't say the same about the 42 hours after though...

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