Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We got through the week without Dad and only Mom. We struggled really bad one day and that was it. I felt bad about it and wished that we could have started the day over but thankfully, you forgive so easily. The next day was heaven and we didn't butt heads.
2. We went to Chick-fil-la for dinner one day and there were kids playing and you wanted to eat your food later so you could go play with them. You then got all the kids to play hide-go-seek with you. You love friends and it doesn't matter if you have never met them.
3. I bought you some pants for winter and most of them are going to have to be stitched up in the waist. You are still a skinny boy.
4. You have not puked since September 27. You have gone a whole month without puking. I might have just jinxed it but I still think it is a fluke. You were puking every other day since last November. 
5. You look forward to go to Pre-School every day. On Monday you didn't have school and you were so bummed. I am grateful you love it so much.

1. We are getting a routine down for naps and I am loving it! I do feel like we never leave the house but at this stage in my life I kinda don't care. Routine is what keeps me sane.
2.  I decided I wanted to start switching you to the bottle so Dad can help sometimes. The first time you chugged down about an ounce. Since then, you will not even drink a drop. We are at a lost.
4. YOU SHAKE YOUR HEAD to " No,no,no"!
All three are the cutest things in the world.
6. I've been catching you sleeping on your tummy. It freaks me out!

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