Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We have gone to the children's museum almost everyday. The first room you go to is the grocery store. You could play in there for hours.
2. You have been such a good boy this week. You have been happy, sleeping, and obeying.
3. I had to hide all the conference candy because you think you deserve a treat after every good thing you do.
4. You were good during conference. Every once in awhile you would hear a word you recognized and ask if it was on your Bingo sheet.
5. You have had a bubble bath every day and love turning yourself into Santa Claus.

1. You have been going through some tough times and haven't been my happy boy, I blame the cold and teething.
2. I bought you a baby sippy cup and you just love that thing filled with ice water. I think it feels good on your gums.
3. I fed you chicken vegetable baby food and you DID NOT like it. I don't blame you, it smelled awful.
4. This dry weather isn't helping your eczema and your poor legs broke out in a rash. Now if we set you down it has to be on a blanket.
5. I am not sure what it is but you love to grab my hair right by neck and head butt me. It is cute until you don't let go of my hair/neck.

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