Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You started feeling better so I took you to the zoo and we brought your friend Emma. You guys are the perfect friends and you play so well together. Taking both of you to the zoo is easier then taking one of you.
2. The stuff animal, Crocodile also known as Crocky, is becoming more and more "real". He comes everywhere with us, you put him to bed, and he sits at the dinner table now. 
3. Since Dad hasn't been around, the time he is around you want his undivided attention 100% of the time. 
4. We are struggling a lot with with talking back. I think you are finally understanding the concept and realize there will be consequences. 
5. If you could eat chocolate chip pancakes every day for breakfast you would. I limit it to twice a week.

1. The biggest news of the week is you are getting ear tubes! November 17 is the date. 
2. This past week you have been just trying to get feeling better. Lots of holding, tears, and medicine this week.
3. I also decided to stop nursing. You are actually make the transition very smoothly and love the bottle. The formula hasn't been hard either, we just slowly added more and more each time and within 3 days you are taking straight formula. I am struggling with guilt. However, I shouldn't because my main goal was 6 months and I made it to 9! I also know this is the best decision because I mentally and physically couldn't handle it anymore- too many breakdowns and I needed Dad to help. 
4. You are sleeping better since we made the transition. You go to bed at 7:15pm, wake up between 2-4am to nurse(still haven't dropped that), and then between 6-7am you wake up for the day. It isn't perfect but it is so much better then twice a night.
5. I could go on and on about how frustrated you are getting since you can't move but I'll just say this. YOU WANT TO MOVE/Crawl, and can't. 

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