Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You are constantly getting the art supplies out to make something "special" to put in your "special" (memory) box.
2. You request chicken nuggets for either lunch or dinner everyday.
3. You had to pee at the grocery store so we went to the bathroom. While walking out, another grandpa man walked  out of the men's bathroom. You immediately asked the man, "Hey, did you go potty?"
"Why, yes I did. Did you?"
"I bet you feel much better now"
I was completely embarrassed, the man thought it was funny, and you were just thinking you were having a normal everyday conversation with a stranger. 
4. Without a doubt, you introduce yourself to a stranger everyday and then preceed to tell people, "this is my mommy, Carly and my brother, Mennox".
5. We went to meet with the bishop for tithing settlement and I had to do it without Dad. I was worried because every time we are in a scenario like this you go CRAZY. I talked to you about staying in the chair and letting mommy talk on the way there. You were not perfect but I did feel like you tried the best you could.
1. You were on the mend, and then you got sick again towards the end of the weekend.
2. You are becoming so hard in Sacrament Meeting. You don't want to be on the ground, or in my arms, or playing... you want to go to bed. The last 15minutes are painful until I can drop brother off at nursery and find a quiet spot to rock you to sleep.
3. You are almost fully bottle fed. You are still having a mix of breast milk and nursing at night.
4. I bought you a sleep sack because with the awful Iowa winters we are noticing that you are getting really cold at night. Since buying it I think it is helping you sleep past 6am!!
5. Your second tooth pooped through!
6. You had your 9 month appointment and you are still tall and skinny!

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