Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You were awesome in Hawaii. 
2. You loved the beach and swimming in the ocean with Dad. You did not care for the salty water taste.
3. You have been telling us you love us more and more often and about 50% of the time it is followed by a question if you can do or eat something.
4. Your uncles caught you peeing in the bushes in Hawaii and they thought that was hilarious.
5. We took you to the Luau and you loved the fire dance and chicken nuggets.

1. You got tubes and were a little off for awhile. You did not magically sleep through the night.
2. In Hawaii you were ok. You didn't feel well and you were totally off of schedule. You slept about 50% of the plane rides.
3. You loved the beach too and were mad when I tried to not let you eat it.
4. You chose to stop eating solid foods in Hawaii and still are so I am at a lost.
5. I can officially say that you are scooting! You are also rocking on your hands and knees. 

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