Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You are keeping everyone busy. It has been nice having 2 more adults to help entertain you.
2. We went to the Discovery Museum with your cousin, Cyrus, and I think we could have left you two for a few more hours and you wouldn't have noticed. You love it.
3. One morning while Lennox was napping Grandma, you, and I made a ginger bread house and you had a blast. I think it will have to become a yearly tradition.
4. You always want to help with whatever we are doing.
5. Grandma found a friend for you one day and you and this new boy hit it off! It was so fun to see you have a playmate.
6. Red, the elf, makes you laugh every morning because of where he hides.'

1. You can get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. However, once you go for a crawl motion you fall on your tummy. Getting closer...
2. You stood up by yourself for the first time.
3. I came to get you from a nap one day and found you sitting up. This calls for the crib mattress to be lowered!
4. Dad gave you a haircut and it looks so nice! No more comb over! I just need to perfect spiking it.
5. You dance to any music (especially Grandma and Grandpa's clock) and it is the cutest thing. You sway your hips.

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