Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. There isn't a more excited 3 year old than you! You can not wait for Christmas.
2. Grandma Allen and I took you to go meet Santa and you were so excited. I thought you would at least be a little hesitant but nope! You walked right up to him and told him what you wanted.
3. You are interacting with Lennox more and it is cute.
4. We went to the Curiosity museum again and you bonked your head really good. The bruise is so bad. I tease you and call you a rhino because it looks like a horn.
5. You started learning the Christmas songs and that has been really fun to sing them.

1. You are crawling!
2. You can pull yourself up.
3. You are so happy to explore all the new things you've been missing out on.
4. You say "momma, dada, and tick tock clock" (we are probably stretching the last one but we really think you are trying to say it).
5. You throw a ball.
6. Basically, we have a whole new Lennox then a month ago.
7. Lastly, you love being outside. Like LOVE IT. You know to when you are missing out and when we bring you back in you throw a fit.

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