Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Christmas finally came! You had about 4 countdowns and always asked us, "how many more days till Christmas?"
2. Santa delivered everything you wanted. You got a big gun and walkie talkies. Your Dad and I had so much fun watching you embrace the Christmas Spirit. 
3, You were sad to say goodbye to Red but you understood.
4. We were planning on heading home on Monday and then our flight got cancelled and we were stranded in Las Vegas until December 31. Well, that meant you got to Grandma Kaye's house and you were so excited.
5. Unfortunately, we arrived that night and you were not feeling well and just wanted to watch Micky Mouse.

1. The Wednesday before Christmas you woke up and you were not my happy boy. You struggled most the day and we started giving you around the clock Tylenol. 
2. You slept horribly for the next few days and had a fever constantly. 
3. Christmas Day you were the sickest and just wanted to sleep or be held. You also wouldn't eat any more solids.
4. I knew you had a nasty bug but I knew there had to more too it... like teething. Sure enough, I noticed on Monday you cut your right front side tooth. I can also tell the other front teeth are getting close. When I decided to investigate you were so mad and hurt. It took you awhile to calm down. No more investigating from me!
5. You are a Momma's boy to the extreme and I am feeling anxiety about it. You are showing signs like your older brother where I need to constantly be playing with you or holding you. No amount of toys keep you interest enough to distract you from me.

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