Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. The whole time we were in Saint George you had a constant fever and felt crummy. You watched a lot of Micky Mouse and hardly ate.
2. You were devastated you didn't get to go to the City Museum with Grandma but once we told you about the BIG pool with slides that we were going to on Friday, you were sold.
3. On Thursday, when we finally flew home, you were feelings a lot better. So much so that you had no interest in watching TV on the plane and wanted to be entertained.
4. The Great Wolf Lodge was a huge success for you! You loved it! You could have gone down the water slides all day, every day. You already asked to go again next week.
5. Sunday was your first day of being a SUNBEAM! Your teachers said you were good and knew all the answers. You also said the prayer! I asked you how it was and I think you were unsure of it all. You only said, "they singed a lot of songs, and I don't know them", "but we practiced".

1. When we got to Saint George you did a lot of sleeping and exploring. You were finally feeling better.
2. You cut the front right tooth.
3. While waiting for our flight, Grandpa shared his ice cream with you. An hour later you broke out in hives. We were nervous traveling on the airplane but your hives stayed under control. We weren't able to get you benadryl until that night. You were extremely itchy. We had to give you benadryl twice a day for 3 days before the hives finally disappeared. I hope this is not a sign to come and was just because you aren't ready for milk.
4. You loved the pool at the Lodge. You splashed and dunked your head to your hearts content!
5. I am starting to feed you toddler food and you are handling it ok.

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