Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. You are so excited for your birthday! You tell anyone and everyone how many days until it is your birthday.
2. You have been eating a ton for breakfast which is very unusual for you. 
3. I am starting to see better behavior. When we got back from Utah the first week was spent in timeout.
4. You have been wanting to snuggle! And I love it when I can.
5. You can spell and write Mom and Dad.

1. You throw balls or anything like no body's business.
2. You climb on Austin's toddler bed and bounce and think you are just the greatest for figuring that out!
3. One day I was feeding you strawberries and you were licking them off your tray.
4. You will point at what you want to eat and get. You are easy going but if you have something you want you will let us know.
5. You like to tease us! If we tell you no (which you understand because you kinda say it back and shake your head) you will try to do it again with a big grin on your face. It turns into a little game.
6. You are starting to bonk your head a lot. So now we always say "bonk" and you will lean in and try and "bonk" heads with us. 
7. I love this stage because things are clicking more and more but at the same time you want to be just like your big brother and it can be extremely frustrating for you and me.

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