Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Your birthday came and it was the best day ever! You woke up to special pancakes. You got to take the snack (M&M cookies, your favorite) to pre-school. After school I took you to Chick-fil-la for lunch. We then went to Monkey Joes with all your friends. And then had pizza and ice cream cake at the clubhouse with friends. The day could not have been more magical.
2. You requested and ice cream cake with green ice cream like the kinda Grandma Allen makes. However, the next night I gave you some leftovers and you only ate the ice cream in the middle. When I asked why, you said you didn't like the white stuff on top(whip cream) or the crust (crushed oreos). Silly kid.
3. Your pre-school teacher told me that you are getting so good at writing your name.
4. You are the best at telling me all day long that you love me, I love it.
5. Dad's car died and needed a new battery. Dad took you to go get one and then came home and you stood out in the freezing cold and "helped" him. I kept asking if you were ok and you said "Yes, I am helping Dad". Dad said you were good not to ask a lot of questions, you were concerned when things didn't work, got excited when they did work, and told dad that you "don't like it when you say those words".  Side note: it was below 10 degrees, in the dark, the bolts were rusted, and Gary kept dropping the tools.. hence the bad words and I got on him about that.

I had to document this. You saw Minion underwear and wanted me to buy it and I said no. Well, you broke down and were screaming "I want minion underwear!!!" over and over and everyone around me was smiling. I was laughing from how hysterical you were over it and laughing out of embarrassment.

1. You are trouble. You eat things you shouldn't eat, get into things you shouldn't, and want to be held when you shouldn't.
2.You are possessive of me! It doesn't matter if you are off doing your own thing, the minute Austin sits on my lap you crawl as fast as you can and start crying and whacking Austin to get off. You do note like to share me. Austin will purposely come sit on me to get you mad.
3. You are teething again. It looks as if you second set of top teeth are almost in, just need to break through the slim layer of gums.
4. Feeding you is becoming a struggle. You will hardly eat any baby food and then I try to give you table food and you will sometimes try it. Recently I noticed you will eat/try more things if I give you the whole thing like, banana, pancake, eggo, and grilled cheese.
5. I am done waking up in the middle of night numerous times. Monday night your Dad and I decided to let you cry it out. Basically the whole night was filled with crying. Hopefully, it becomes less and less. I need you to start sleeping through the night before you turn one!

You threw up in your crib Friday night and right after this picture you did it again.

PJ #3 and you are exhausted and sick.

You woke up happier in the morning.

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