Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I am trying a new discipline plan. You get 5 strikes (yes 5, because you would never succeed if I only gave you 3) and if you get up to 5 then you don't get any dessert. It worked well for week 1 and now week 2 you are starting to show less interest. I will need to find a new discipline plan.
2. You would rather take a bath then have me just wet your hair a little in the morning to spike it.
3. You have requested eggos for breakfast for a month now.
4. You like to get Lennox in trouble. For example, you will leave the bathroom door open on purpose so Lennox will follow you. You will play in the hall so Lennox will pull out the alarm. You will throw a ball under the table to get Lennox to chase it.
5. You are worried about getting baptized one day because you don't want to plug your nose.

1. Your second set of teeth on the top left came through.
2. Two weeks ago you learned how to sleep through the night...at 11 months old. You still are getting up too early.
3. You love canned peaches and pears.
4. When you want something you always look or point and say what sounds like "that" and "this".
5. You are hating being put in the car seat, ugh.
6. You purposely bonk heads with us or just on a wall. You also use your head as a weapon.
7. You are becoming a drool king and have a rash under lip and onto your chin because of it.
8. I nick named you the beast. Why? Because after your afternoon nap the beast comes out. You are not content until after dinner. It makes dinner prep extremely difficult.

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