Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Lennox's birthday was this past week and you suffered with not getting any presents. Fortunately, Lennox is so nice(too young) he is sharing with you. But, if I tell you to give Lennox back his toy than we have meltdowns.
2. You love to "snuggle" and I don't mind it at all if I can.
3. You totally got into Valentines this year and completely understood it. Holidays are becoming so fun.
4. You picked out Ninja Turtle Valentines and chose to make a Ninja Turtle mail box.
5. Grandpa and Grandma Allen gave you and Lennox a Fortsy for Christmas and it just arrived this week. You have tons of fun playing in it with your brother.
1. You love the Fortsy too. When it is deflated and you want to go inside you will crawl over and try to raise it over your head. That is my cue that I need to pump it up.
2. Your birthday was anti-climatic. We were doing a party on Sunday so I had nothing planned for you actual birthday. You weren't the happiest and even fell asleep at child watch. We went to Red Robbin for dinner and you got a balloon and that was your favorite gift of the night.
3. We had your cake on Sunday with Raelyn since you guys are only 6 days apart. We did a Valentines theme and it turned out so fun. You were not sure on the cake and all the attention. You also kinda cut your foot on the plate holding the cake and got frosting all over your toes and after that you were done. You did eat some of the cake.
4. We brought you home and knew you weren't acting yourself and a cough was coming on. We spent a sleepless night with you and a fever was brewing. 
5. Monday the fever and sickness grew into a runny nose and drool. Unfortunately, you aren't into sleeping more and cuddling but we did sneak in a few good cuddles before you realized that you weren't having that.

it's my birthday and I will sleep at the gym if I want too

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